Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Pangaea + new video

Just a couple of things for you, here's the line up for the HUGE Pangaea festival that we're playing Thursday 11th June.
We're onstage in the Solem bar at 2:15am!

And I've just uploaded a video I've made for a demo of a new track called Skeletons. It features rapping by our friends from 30000 Bastards! It's only a demo so it's a little rough around the edge but expect a proper version sometime later in the year.

The video used clips from two of Disney's silly symphonies; The Haunted House and The Skeleton Dance and an old Bettie Boop cartoon; Minnie The Moocher.

- Andy xo

Thursday, 21 May 2009

3 new 'songs' to download

I've been stuck behind a computer producing a load of new songs recently and when you're around music making software all day sometimes things get a bit silly...

These are three 'songs' that have come together whilst writing new tracks:

* First is Warning Spoilers!
- this is a song we did for a compilation of 30 second songs. I think there was 100 bands on it in total. It's just 30 seconds listing a lot of the biggest spoilers and basically trying to piss a lot of people off. Only problem though was after we'd released it I got a load of mail about how most of these are on a T-shirt or something. This really pissed me off after I spent ages thinking of these and getting them to rhyme. This is a remixed version, the lyrics are :

Frank was a girl in The Wasp Factory.
Tyler Durden : split personality.
Gwyneth's head's in a box and Keanu's The One.
The Planet Of Apes was Earth all along.
Soilent Green is people, Rosebub was his sleigh.
Kevin Spacey was Kyser Soze.
Dill was a man and Bruce Willis was dead.
Hey Luke; Leia's your sister and Darth Vader's your dad.


* Secondly is Oh Yeah!
This is an 80's movie montage song I've just recorded for a montage scene in our friend's internet sitcom, Chris And Rich Do Sheffield (it's great, wait till July when it's released properly).

* Finally is I Need A Wee!
I caught my friend off guard when she was drunk using my phone to sample her saying she needed a wee! Then I did a remix over the demo of Up All Night. (I'm probably going to get in shit with her for posting this here! ha ha)

-more REAL songs are coming soon! :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

We won best band at Liverpool Sound City!

We won the competition as the best band who applied for Liverpool Sound City 2009! Part of the prize was a SWEEEEET Fender Telecaster, fucking too right!

As well as free guitars and what not we're to be playing a show at:
Korova in Liverpool this Friday 22nd May!

It's with Ipso Facto and Pulled Apart By Horses and we're on first at 9!

< oh Mr Telecaster you soon shall be mine...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Watch our videos YooouuuTuuube style!

I insist you watch both our videos on yooouuutuuube!

Once it's opened press F11 for full screen :

The National Curriculum


No Place Like Home

- Andy xo

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Great review at SXSW and we're finally TWITTERING

Short blog today, firstly here's another review where we were picked as one of the best bands at South by Southwest in Texas :

and finally we're now twittering all over the place!

make sure you follow us at :

Andy xo

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Picks for SXSW

We got picked in a few places as one of the best bands playing at South by Southwest.

First was in the Austin Chronicle, we were one of the 8 Brit unmissables. picked us as one of the top 35 bands playing the festival :

We also got picked here :

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

OFA do USA 6

The last day of SXSW is mainly unofficial showcases and free parties. All the mayhem of 6th Street is over by Saturday night. We ended up playing an outside show next to the Austin Art Garage, a small art gallery for local artists full of great work!

All the free beers, sunshine and music outdoors made this a great finish to the week! We just chilled out all day because we were playing last. Not only was there great music but some of the artists were painting in front of the stage. I'll leave you with a load of photos from the show :